i don’t blame julie for dating john……….

gotta pay for those botox injected lips somehow!

hopefully this will give SLAYTORIA the fire to win the comp…

and crusty how did she win no comps?

2 BoTB’s, 1 PoV, and a Luxury Competition.

Aside from winning Tumblr’s heart.

Let’s face it. Slaytoria is our last hope this season, her light and humor is all we have left to rely on. People might say she played a horrible game, but I disagree. I feel Slaytoria did what she needed to get where she is now and played the weak card. Call me crazy, but Vicole’s one of the most adorable duos in the recent seasons. Take it home for Nicole. The Tumblr BB fandom loves you Slaytoria. :*

Competitions won: 2 BoTB’s, 1 PoV and a Luxury Competition.

Alliances/Close Bonds: Derrick Levasseur, Nicole Franzel.

Dedicated to: janellespolyesterhair

social media mogul my ass…
slaytoria needs to PULL through…

slaytoria needs to PULL through…

An all girls alliance is all this travesty of a season needed to be revived. Grodner is that too much to ask for? Instead we get a bunch of brainless assholes who have a dick for a brain. Maybe someday Mama J will channel the lord and answer our prayers!

what frankie thinks we see:

what we actually see:

The Goddesses of Big Brother: BB16 Edition. I felt obligated to add Crustine because believe it or not she is not part of the male species, which may surprise you but it’s the truth.

I dedicate this to the travesty that is BB16. (inspired by candiestewart)

EDIT: I’m aware, I forgot to add the H on Hearth, but I spent 4 hours on this so it’s easy to make a mistake!

BB16 is on, haha… I should totally watch, but um

Working on a Big Brother: Goddess (S16 Edition Post)

Send me ideas on who should be who!

To all the lost souls still stanning for Cody, be sure to use this for your tribute videos. 

Crustine’s husband spilling some major tea.

Crustine’s husband spilling some major tea.


Whew, Okay! I guess this is a big list of blogs I like and mutuals of mine so here we go!

I don’t know how I’m going to organize this because everyone on this list is here for different reasons and theres no way to categorize them all under one but…..

THESE are all the people who are in my inner circle here on tumblr dot com who I’ve been mutuals with forever and who I’ve been through so much with and who are my best hennys: 

rachreilly reillyroyalty rhinejames vetoing ripamberborzotra drunkelissa candiestewart queenrafaelis jenjohnsons bombshelljanelle elissaslater livefeeds jennshitty victoriarafaeli danidonato nicolexfranzel victoriarafaelis jocastawarrior

And here are the other cute and amazing blogs that I love who are also really really really amazing people and all of these blogs are here for one reason or another and I have different relationships with all of them whether I talk to them or we’re huntys or I hardly talk to them but they definitely should be recognized:

babefranzelbrittanymartinischimacusvictimofyourpelvicsorceryryancrobertjocaztathe1989worldtourzacharyrance doritosmakeherdance initiat3 elissaslaterr stalians gaylorswifts thereecepagani fauxface lightstastic elisserslater shadyfucks aspiring816 tallarejaei jocastachrist obsessedbb16 backdoorteenmom brittanymartinezvevo jocostco veto-king garyglitters yourbbfavisproblematic borzotra instanteviction brithaynes elissa-slater kaysars morgangel pousseys-washington danieledonato bastiansschweinsteigers blkandsaint (yass mama) paolasheas eatyourfuckingfrootloops youarejanelle problematicasshouseguests junsongs danielle-reyes unemployedracist kingrances get-to-steppin thekeytothehohroom davidisbeyonce thequackpack h8tersgonh8theslaters janellespolyesterhair fuckbb16 thewhackshack jordanlloyds queenkalantars nedskalantar cockroych rennymartyn thatssoaustin icaurus 

LMAO free promo love your blog too Tajon!